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Server Virtualisation, Consolodation and Deployment

Server technology has moved on in leaps and bounds in the last few years with Virtualisation becoming the Industry standard Server platform of choice. Virtualisation offers many advantages such as cost savings, speed of deployment, speed of disaster recovery and also cloud mobility. Whether you are planning on upgrading an existing Server or installing a new Server on your network, our extpertise in the planning and implementation of Virtual Server installations can help you make the right decicision for your business.

We work with the Customer to find the right Server solution that suits the needs of your business.

It is vital that you invest in the correct hardware that will serve your business long into the future, so please contact us today on info@atozcomputers.ie and we can arrange a free site visit to assess your Server requirements.

We utilise the latest Virtualisation technologies form both Microsoft and VMware. Our Virtualisation technology allows the ability to easily migrate from an on premise to cloud platform if required.

In conjuction with the Veeam backup and replication platform, backup and disaster recovery for your Virtual Server can be almost in real time, thus illiminating practically and potential data loss.

We also have the ability to co-locate and or replicate full on premise Virtual Server envoirnments to the cloud where downtime is not an option.