Must have Apps for Irish SME’s

Today’s business innovations could not have imagined a decade ago.   Drones, driver-less cars, machine learning, digital currencies, 3-D printers, robots, gadgets for the connected home.  The fundamental building blocks of this burst of creativity are springing from data analytics, the cloud and artificial intelligence. Mobile  communications continuous to inspire new ideas. Entire industries are being transformed by technology and every self-respecting small to medium business is networked, paperless and aux faix with all the latest mobile Apps to make the business of being in business go smoother.  Here we feature some of the most useful mobile apps, which are must-haves for any busy modern, savvy business.

Mind Mapping:

Brainstorming ideas and mind-mapping are not just for school children approaching an essay from a new angle.  With the mobile apps listed below, you will be able to streamline your blue sky thinking while mapping your thoughts in an easy and practical way.  This is so essential for the busy executive, who needs to gather those thoughts easily while on the go. MindMeister is just one of the simple mind-mapping tool that allows you to create maps which help you organize your thoughts. From these you can build out cohesive workflow charts and share them easily with others. When you’re brainstorming, the last thing you want to do is be hampered by your technology. By making it so easy to note and map out your thoughts, MindMeister helps you free up headspace so that you can focus on your next big idea.
MindMeister – iOS / Android Also check out 10 iOS Brainstorming Apps to Organize Your Ideas

Sales :

Customer relationship management (CRM) software which is accessible from your mobile devices is a huge advantage when supporting sales.  There are many options available and some may be industry specific, so a little research can highlight the best options available.  Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP are tried and tested software packages which offer good business solutions.  For start-up and new businesses, a simpler option may be a good starting point.  While there are a lot of options out there, Elements CRM has a proven track record in customer relationship management.

Microsoft Dynamics – iOS / Android
Salesforce – iOS / Android
Oracle – iOS / Android
SAP – iOS / Android
Elements CRM – iOS


MailChimp is a one of most popular and simple apps that allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns, even if you’re not an expert. This easy to use system not only formats emails and manages contacts and lists, it also has tools which allows you to assess the impact of your email campaigns. Freshmail, Getresponse and iContact also offer easy solutions. Again, a little research will see you keeping in touch with your clients in an easy and manageable way, for a minimum outlay.


Every small business relies on feedback from clients to plan ahead and make the changes needed to achieve further success.   One app which allows you to collect feedback easily from your client base is the slick and clever, SurveyMonkey.  Gaining insight and responses from customers is crucial. Survey tools such as this allow you to devise, manage and distribute simple surveys to your customers.  Again, there are lots of apps to choose from, but SurveyMonkey offers wonderful options for analyzing the results.

SurveyMonkey – iOS / Android


It’s not always possible to meet new clients face to face and Skype offers an alternative to emailing. The personal touch without the cost of travel.

LinkedIn Yes, we know it’s a 10 year old site, but recent upgrading and streamlining makes LinkedIn an essential place to have a presence and an essential place to search quickly for business’s/new talent and a who-is-who of your chosen business field.


There are many other Apps which may be useful to your business. All are designed to time-save, to streamline with the added bonus of making you look like the cutting edge industry leader, which you strive to be. Check out Uber, Evernote, Google maps, Expensify and Dropbox.   The only thing missing is an App to help you manage your Apps, but no doubt, that is probably already in production.

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