Christmas in a Digital Age – What does the future have instore?


Happy Digital Christmas

Everyone loves a traditional Christmas but the holiday has become rather more Hi-Tech over the past few years.

Recently one Dublin politician urged the public to come offline this year and to send old fashioned, hard copy Christmas cards. This, he claimed, will help out the struggling rural post offices and will be more meaningful to the recipients.  No more digital greetings. Eugene Murphy TD claims that ‘to open up that card… is a fantastic experience and I don’t think we should let it go’.   But digital greetings are exceeding the traditional card greetings over the past few years and most people will text, FacetimeDigital Gifts dominate Christmas and Skype their greetings. By all accounts, postal services will be busy regardless, as the public moves to online shopping en masse.

Last year Visa reported an increase in the number of people purchasing gifts online. It is expected that this year will top those figures.  The surge in eCommerce spending in December 2015 was up 16% on previous years, this surpassed the previous record from June 2015. The rise came after Cyber Monday in November, the busiest day in the year for online shopping.  It is now more common for retailers to sell online as well as from storefronts.  One click shopping is the way of the future.  But that is not the only advancement for a digital festive season.

Hi tech Christmas trees have no tinsel, falling pine needles or dodgy blinking lights but are resplendent in 30,000 LEDs, 43 LCD televisions or cornea shattering lasers.  A 3D laser tree, made by functional and unsentimental Japanese techies blasts a vision of a Norwegian Fir tree on to the buildings and skyline of Las Vegas. The Electronic giants, Sharp constructed a tree made from television screens showing Christmas
movies. But for the Scfi home enthusiast, check out laser Xmas tree lighting here. No more searching for that one malfunctioning bulb that knocked the whole string of fairy lights out. Digital ChristmasNo more picking up the dropped ornaments and of course, no more 20/20 vision either but sure it’s a small price to pay for a digitally decorated home.

As busy as the mobile networks will be over the Christmas season, it is the New Year celebrations that have become a texting hell with all the providers crashing under the weight of New Year wishes.  Some people start texting their messages a day or two early to avoid the network issues.  “When the clock strikes 12 with the midnight bell, I’m not going to join the texting hell. So here is my message to those I hold dear, have a great night and a happy new year”, others opt to stand swaying on the pavement outside the pub, while the bells are chiming, desperately texting generic messages to their entire contact list. This is not a personal seasonal greeting folks, but a gift of use age to your mobile phone provider.  If you are really feeling organised, you can download an app to compose a witty greeting and bang it off to your ‘friends’ while you enjoy the evening’s entertainment.  Technology becomes the dominant force in greetings!

As you open your techie Christmas gifts and teeter round with a VR headset blocking your view of the traditional Christmas TV, take a few moments to enjoy all that the holidays have to offer.

Merry Christmas from A to Z Computers

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