Chromebooks in the Classroom!

Classroom Chromebooks from AtoZ

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in our National and Secondary Schools over the last year. There are huge benefits to using these ultra-portable devices for both Teaching staff and Students, to enhance the learning environment.

Below are some of the many advantages found by Chromebook users:

  1. Price – Chromebooks are typically priced in the €250 – €300 bracket making them a very affordable option for Schools. When compared against your average Laptop price of €400 + for many (if not all) the same features, Chromebooks are a hugely attractive alternative.
  2. Speed – Chromebooks boot up in seconds and take only 10 minutes to setup out of the box.
  3. Familiarity – All computer users are familiar with Google’s Chrome web browser making it very easy for any level of user to pick up a Chromebook and begin working (or playing!) straight away.
  4. G-Suite for Education – Formerly known as Google Apps, many Schools are already using Google’s Cloud platform for Gmail, Google Docs and Google Classroom. Chromebooks, being a google device will seamlessly hook up to all these essential Educational Cloud services.
  5. Security – Chrome OS is an extremely secure system, with no installations allowed on the Computer itself. Only identified Google users can share or access files meaning anti-virus software is not even required.
  6. Battery life – 8 hours battery life as standard on all Chromebooks.

There are many other advantages to these devices which we will be happy to discuss in person/phone or to callout and demo for your School. There is huge flexibility offered by these devices, along with the high speed, portability and huge Educational possibilities offered by Google’s educational software suite.


Chromebooks help make learning real, and Google Apps are very easy to manage. They give students access to the information they need to be successful in school, and in life. Many schools are already transitioning to Chromebooks because they like the price, cloud offerings and security features. According to the Teachers and Students we work with, Chromebooks are bringing a lot more than that to their classrooms. Collaboration has become vital to the modern-day students.

Chromebooks and Google are opening doors for learning.

See Google’s own case studies showing the possibilities for using Chromebooks in the classroom. –



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