Choosing the right I.T. Provider for you…


Information Technology (IT) is critical to any modern business. More and more, we are reliant on technology to organise and run our business’s efficiently. Whether you are a fully-fledged computer nerd or whether most of your problems occur between the mouse and the chair, everyone needs good professional I.T. support.

If your I.T provider is not giving you a satisfactory service, then the smooth working of your business is under serious threat. Without the backing of a good I.T. provider, you run the risk of your sales and services coming to a shuddering halt due to technological difficulties. Perhaps your current IT provider is fulfilling the brief and there is no need to look for a new company. This is great news for you, but for the many companies out there, who are unhappy with the quality and service currently on offer and are looking for a new I.T. Provider, we list some points to keep in mind when making that choice.

1. Can the Company solve your issues within a reasonable time frame: Time is of the essence and you should only choose a company that The-5-Things-To-Consider-Before-You-Switch-IT-Providersguarantees a callout/service call within a reasonable time-frame both during and outside business-hours.

2. What is their support request process? Alongside timescale, it is imperative that one person, a real live human person, at the I.T. Company is responsible for the support call from start to finish.

3. Do they know what they are doing? It is good practice to look for qualifications and for evidence of partnerships and standards, such as Microsoft Gold Partner, HP Preferred Partner, VMWare Enterprise Partner and IBM Advanced Partnership status. For example, VMware has registered, professional and enterprise partners but only the higher levels must prove their specific technical competencies. Microsoft Gold certification means that a provider is up to date on the latest technology and gets ratings from clients for you to compare.

4. Do they understand your particular industry: Your Information Technology Provider does not need to be aux faix with all aspect of your company’s business, but they do need to know how you use technology in It Provideryour work. Choose a company with a proven track record for your specific industry.

5. How do they handle disasters? Ask the company to relate a time when one of its clients faced a technological disaster and what they did beforehand to mitigate file loss and minimise the risk of network failure. In addition to proactive measures, ask what they do in the event of a system crash to assist clients recover as quickly as possible.

6. Proactive, not just responsive: It is vital that your I.T. company has the smooth running of your business as a priority and therefore, issues updates and advices on threats and mitigating risks to your systems. You should ensure that they have a failsafe back-up system and are focussed on spotting problems before the problems become a major issue for your company.

Along-side these critical points when choosing an I.T> provider, you might ask to view testimonials and interview companies from their current client base. Trust- worthy and efficient tech support can mean a huge difference to your business performance, so the most important point of all when choosing a new service is to trust your own instincts.

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