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Interactive Flat Panels - Welcome to the Modern Classroom

Technology is having a growing impact on our daily lives and its effects can be seen in todays modern classroom. The creation and sharing of knowledge is now fueled by technology as new advances in learning technolgy emerge. 

The Smartboard and Interactive Whiteboards have set a trend in the modern classroom for the past number of years, however new boundaries are made possible by technologies that allow learning take place anytime, anywhere.

These new Interactive Flat Panels are the next generation of classroom technology, offering 21st century skills, inspire lifelong learning and readily prepare children for careers, college and the real world. 

They also present a teaching and learning experience that is more:

  • Captivating
  • Motivating
  • Collaborative
  • Informed
  • Personalized
  • Dynamic
  • Memorable
  • Engaging

A Tablet-like Experience At Your Fingertips

The ActivPanel is a fully connected display that offers tablet like functionality. Interacting with content has never been easier as students can simultaneously write and draw onscreen as well connecting their mobile devices to mirror content and collaborate. For teachers, sharing their lessons and accessing content is simple meaning a new approach to learning.

Mirroring Made Simple 
Promethean’s ActivCast App ensures you can wirelessly connect Windows®, Mac OS®, iOS®, Chrome OS™ or Android™ to start mirroring

Real Time Collaboration
Students can use a connected mobile device to receive, send, or interact with digital lesson content.

Untie Yourself from the Whiteboard
Move freely throughout the Classroom to observe and intervene with individual work teams while mirroring lesson content from anywhere in the classroom using a mobile device.

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